"My source of endless inspiration has always come from nature; Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all."

- Anne Geddes -

World-renowned photographer Anne Geddes manifests the spark of life in all facets of her work.

With a mission of creating precious gifts, for life's most celebrated moments, paying tribute to the belief that all "babies are heaven scent," we have paired our propriety fragrances of the season with Geddes' captivating images in a unique and luxurious home fragrance collection.

Also, Anne's signature coordinated gift wrap line featuring high-quality wrapping paper, gift bags, and accompaniments, each with a unique and timeless image from Anne Geddes' most-loved photos are available to select retailers.

STARA USA is proud to be a certified, "women-owned business" and exclusive partner of Anne Geddes for home fragrance, gift products, gift wrap, home & garden decor, as well as balloons.

The undeniable emotional connection with Anne's imagery and her products, allow your customers to fully embrace the experience and bring the celebration home!

In coordination with Anne, we offer an exclusive product line in partnership with Anne Geddes.